There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs, but for the first time ever, I
have created an escalator.
Welcome to the future of wealth innovation and it starts with you!

JT Foxx Wealth Workout

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Take your mind and business acumen to peak performance over the next 30 days. Here are the 30 topics you will practice, master and even dominate. Once you reach day 31, the exercises will restart. The goal is to improve your performance each and every time.

  • Day 1: Speed Reading: How To Do More With Less Time
  • Day 2: Increase Your Confidence and Overcome ANY Fears
  • Day 3: How to be 100% more Focused & Productive
  • Day 4: Millionaire Time Management Habits
  • Day 5: Turn a No, into a YES!
  • Day 6: Break the Routine… It’s Killing Your Inspiration
  • Day 7: Master Conceptual Implementation
  • Day 8: How Improve Your Memory FAST
  • Day 9: How To Come Up With Big Million Dollar Ideas
  • Day 10: Daily Strategic Thinking Secrets of JT Foxx
  • Day 11: Implement You and Your Employees Ideas EVERY TIME!
  • Day 12: Make Your Marketing Great Again
  • Day 13: How To Read People in Seconds Like JT Foxx
  • Day 14: Take the Ultimate Business Test. (How Good Are You Really!)
  • Day 15: How to Develop a B.S. Detector!
  • Day 16: Know Your Numbers or Your Business will DIE!
  • Day 17: Network and do Business Like a Millionaire
  • Day 18: How You Speak is How You Succeed
  • Day 19: Practice Your Negotiations against JT Foxx!
  • Day 20: How to Find Unique Selling Propositions & Study the Competition!
  • Day 21: How to Increase Your Passion, Energy & Likability
  • Day 22: How to Coach Anyone like the World's #1 Wealth Coach
  • Day 23: The Hardest Mind Workout you will ever do
  • Day 24: How to be a top seller
  • Day 25: Practice Mega Sales
  • Day 26: Better People, Better Culture & Better Profits
  • Day 27: Monetize the Story of your life
  • Day 28: Boom or Bust, Your Landing Page to Millions
  • Day 29: Evaluate Any Real Estate Deal in 3 minutes
  • Day 30: Evaluate any Business Opportunity in Less than 5 Minutes
  • Day 31: Speed Reading: Read Even more in less time
  • Day 32: Boost Your Confidence and Forget ANY Fears
  • Day 33: Take Focus and Productivity to the next level
  • Day 34: Time Management of Millionaires
  • Day 35: Get YES and not NOs
  • Day 36: How you change is how you succeed
  • Day 37: Conceptual Implementation, how to master it!
  • Day 38: How Improve Your Memory FAST
  • Day 39: A Millionaire Idea a Day
  • Day 40: Daily Strategic Thinking Secrets of JT Foxx
  • Day 41: Implement Every Idea and do it FAST!
  • Day 42: Make Your Marketing Even Better
  • Day 43: Read people to know what they want
  • Day 44: Take the Ultimate Business Test. (How much better have you gotten)
  • Day 45: Improve your B.S. Detector!
  • Day 46: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!
  • Day 47: Network and do Business Like and with Millionaires
  • Day 48: Use speaking as a success tool
  • Day 49: Negotiations against JT Foxx!
  • Day 50: Take your USP to the next level & Take over the Competition!
  • Day 51: Take Your Passion, Energy & Likability to the next level
  • Day 52: Start coaching anyone like the World's #1 Wealth Coach
  • Day 53: Push your mind to the limits
  • Day 54: Take your sales to the next level
  • Day 55: Do Mega Sales
  • Day 56: Better People, Better Culture & Better Profits
  • Day 57: Monetize the Story of your life
  • Day 58: Landing pages that convert
  • Day 59: Evaluate Any Real Estate Deal in 3 minutes
  • Day 60: Evaluate any Business Opportunity in Less than 5 Minutes
  • Day 61: Your are now a speed reader
  • Day 62: No more fears, only confidence
  • Day 63: Laser Focus and High Productivity
  • Day 64: Manage your Time better then anyone else
  • Day 65: No more NOs only YES YES YES
  • Day 66: Your Routine - structured to make you money
  • Day 67: You're the Master of Conceptual Implementation
  • Day 68: Have the memory you never thought you would
  • Day 69: Million Dollar Ideas will now come easily
  • Day 70: Make strategic thinking a habit
  • Day 71: Implement, Implement, Implement!
  • Day 72: Become a CEO Marketer
  • Day 73: Read anyone in any situation
  • Day 74: Take the Ultimate Business Test. (How much have you improved?)
  • Day 75: No one can B.S. you
  • Day 76: Know the numbers, and what the mean
  • Day 77: Network, do Business, and connect Like a Millionaire
  • Day 78: How You Speak is How You Succeed
  • Day 79: Negotiate better then JT Foxx!
  • Day 80: How to dominate the competition
  • Day 81: Increase Your Passion, Energy & Likability, beyond what you thought was possible
  • Day 82: Coach Anyone like the World's #1 Wealth Coach, and make anyone successful
  • Day 83: The Hardest Mind Workout you will ever do
  • Day 84: Outsell anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Day 85: Practice Mega Sales
  • Day 86: Better People, Better Culture & Better Profits
  • Day 87: Monetize the Story of your life
  • Day 88: Boom or Bust, Your Landing Page to Millions
  • Day 89: Evaluate Any Real Estate Deal in 3 minutes
  • Day 90: Evaluate any Business Opportunity in Less than 5 Minutes

The more times your repeat these exercises the better your results!

Bron Williams
“I wanted to say how much I loved day 1! I came away feeling energised for the entire day. You can teach an old dog new tricks - learning to speed read at age 60!!! Thank you!”

Daniel Fockenberg
“Love the workout and this video. No make-up, no tie or pre-scripted PowerTalk. Just purely, authentic JT. As much as I'm a fan of your energetic performances, it's also nice to see that side of you. Looking forward to the body workout. Take care and keep rocking!”

Alexander Evengroen
“I am in the zone JT Foxx. 1st and 2nd day feeling great and fully motivated for the next day. Writing and reading every free hour of the day. Great to work on my time management skills and said THANK YOU to a few people already and it felt great. The responses are even better. My focus is on the people who are on my side...not the negative people sucking my energy out. No time for this. I need to learn a lot more and am ready for it to reach this. Let's Do It!”

Kristian Bimbo
“Day1 speed reading on is one of the most useful sessions I ever had! Excellent program so far! Thank you JT! I look forward to Day3 workout today!”

Merja Sumiloff
“AWESOME program, and so encouraging! I'm dyslexic to some degree and was a bit intimidated by the day 1 exercise, but I got id done, and improved on my reading 5x! I was delighted and will continue to improve on it even further! “

Lori Ena
“# JTFoxxWealthWorkout is the greatest app, Bravooo JT !!! Simply amazed!”

Mylene Fernström
“You are amazing JT Foxx. By the way I also love #JTFoxxWealthWorkout Day 1, day 2, day 3: check, check and check!!!”

Papillon Luck
“I am totally LOVING this wealth workout, it's brilliant and I know that reinforcing it by listening to it every day on repeat is just what I need. Loving the conquering fear part, thank you”

Dan Woodruff
“Day one done. Speed reading is the way forwards! #JtFoxxWealthWorkout”

Artus Ong
“Thank you JT for the amazing business workout program that have so much valuable contents and materials for us to workout #JTFoxxWealthWorkout”

Tracy Reid Scott
“Yes I have been doing the Wealth Workout and it has challenged me in some areas but wow what a learning I am getting especially about myself and business. If you haven't bought it yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. So do yourself a favour. If you want to succeed spend $197 US and download JTFOXX Wealth Workout App.”

Gary Walker
“Today is about coaching on the JT Foxx Wealth Workout & I already scheduled my first 2 sessions EVER to coach random people. Speed of implementation with no excuses! Thanks JT!!”

Kobus Smith
“With the mindset of an underdog millionaire, and the daily coaching from JT Foxx in the #JTFoxxWealthWorkout, 2017 will be my best year ever! Today's session on Coaching was invaluable.”

Aik Zciweiktuzs
“The Wealth workout rocks!!! Fantastic value! JT holds us accountable.”

Debra Nemeth

“Day 7 of the #JTFoxxWealthWorkout was Phenomenal! I was coming up with so many ideas for promotions, posts and blog articles that I wanted to keep going past the 15-minute creative exercise and not return to the video yet. Working on one new product idea also.”

Steven Prince and Jenny Bisnauth

“I just want to share the wealth workout experience . I'm still growing from the program, however my improvement in my speed reading is crazy! I can take in information like never before and I want to express my thanks for that. The other parts of the program I am expanding as well, I just practice- practice and practice some more. I'm very grateful with JT Foxx and the amazing team!”

Martine Garrioch

“My biggest issue is lack of confidence & fear and therefore NO implementation. This program is like looking at myself in the mirror… Enough of the “BS” and let’s go forward, now that I am aware… After about 5 weeks on the Wealth Workout Program (because I did miss some days in between) AHA!!!! When planning my week ahead this past Sunday, I came to Friday 2nd of June, and NO catching up left to be completed.. I was SO excited, I jumped up and down, I could not see the end of all this work and now it will soon be completed… Now on Friday, I can start working ON my business instead of IN, I can start planning my 8 moves ahead. Thank you JT!”

Andrea Jordan

“The benefits of the wealth workout are far too many to explain. I have started it again. and will always do it, until I get personal coaching with JT Foxx. Everything is documented as in notes for the workout.

I have always been a fast reader as I learned speed reading over 7 years ago. then in module one this has been the task. first read of the excerpt I did in 40.mins (didn't use stop watch). wealth workout starting again I did first reading in 23:37

My 5th reading first time around was 17mins and second time around was 12:02

I have learned so much, the most important is the speed of implementation. To be able to do it over and over again allows me to be able to cover and address areas I had unfinished exercises which would change, add and enhance business learning.

Grateful and happy to be on the right course.
Much appreciation”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wealth Workout?

If this was a sport or we were members of the military, we would have to practice about 10,000 hours before we master it. The JT Foxx Wealth Workout is the first program that will allow you to practice wealth exercises rather than sit in a hotel room while taking notes and never really practicing it. In the comfort of your home, JT Foxx will guide you through daily new wealth workouts designed to stretch your brain, turn your weakness into strengths and reach peak wealth performance.

Is there any physical component to this?

No this is not a physical workout program, but JT Foxx will be designing a physical workout program later 2017.

How does on demand coaching work?

You now have access to coaching and strategic exercises on a variety of different topics at your fingertips. In the comfort of your home, JT Foxx will guide you through daily wealth workouts designed to stretch your brain, turn your weakness into strengths and reach peak wealth performance. Sales, Marketing, Speed Reading, Time Management, Real Estate, Business Deals, Implementation, and so think of a topic and JT Foxx has it covered. The best part is that you can access the info whenever and wherever you want.

When does it start?

The first lesson will start on January 2nd and a new one will be released everyday over the next 30 days. However, in theory you can start anytime you want after January 2nd.

Should I get more than one program if I have a partner or spouse?

Unfortunately everyone has to get their own. You can’t share passwords and because of piracy protections, we have strict IP and security features to avoid people sharing accounts or copying it.

I don’t have a business will this work?

Of course! If you don’t have a business this program will give you an advantage so as you start your first business you will be 10 times ahead of your competition.

I am very advanced already, will this program work for me?

This works for all levels until you can out earn whoever you are learning from. When we tested this program with the Top 1% income individuals,they were blown away at how little they knew and how much more they needed to grow.

I have a job so will this work for me?

If you are looking to get promoted, earn more and make yourself more valuable in the company this program is perfect for you. It will create a whole new set of intrepreneurs skills for you.

What happens after 30 days?

You will repeat these exercises again, along with new ones we integrated in the program. The second time around it will test your retention levels, speed and situational awareness. It will push you to even greater limits and the best part, it will all come together.

What happens after that?

We are working on new innovations to share with you that will complement this program.

Happy Wealth Workout!